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Robert Baglione's Powerhouse Project -

Fitzgerald's, Berwyn, Illinois USA, 2006-09-22

If you're a fan of fusion guitar, then you're in for a treat. Robert Baglione, who's played with Victor Wooten and Oteil Burbridge, among countless others, is one of the today's finest practitioners of that genre. If you're a fan of Scott Henderson/Tribal Tech, Allan Holdsworth, Frank Gambale and Mike Stern, do yourself a favor, and grab this! Carl Coan, who's gigs included Bo Diddley, Frankie Avalon and The Platters, among others, is an incredible force on the saxophone and EWI, with phenomenal chops very reminiscent of the late great Michael Brecker. Alan Eicher (Brandon Fields, The Drifters) on the keys, is an awesome talent to watch in the future, that brings to mind, a young Chick Corea. Bassist James Cammack takes a break from his lone time gig with Ahmad Jamal, to play some heavy-duty fusion. But the real treat here is the presence of drum master, and Berklee Collage of Music professor, Kenwood Dennard (Miles Davis, Pat Martino, Jaco Pastorius & Dizzy Gillespie, Stanley Jordan, Gil Evans, Brand X) who continues to amaze and inspire countless drummers worlwide. Woody was truly incredible, and the crowd very appraciative. I'll remember this gig as long as I live. It was one of the best I've ever been to. Hope you all dig it!!!

Dr. Fusion's blog

"Get into the Baglione Man now! If you want to hear Mike Stern and Scott Henderson rolled into one set of fingers, look no further. This cat is under-the-radar killer fusion. Recommended!"

~ John W. Patterson of www.JazzRock-Radio.com and EER-MUSIC.com


Hey man...I finally got a chance to listen to your CD. It's killing! Lots of great playing on there - I could listen to Kirk Covington all day long. I listened to it during an 8-hour car trip to Mobile, AL and had a blast.

Bryan Beller-Bassist w/Steve Vai

I received your CD today, and the only word
that comes to mind in 'Monster!'  Mind boggling.  

Michael Farley  
Farley's Musical Essentials

I've been listening to Positive Charge. It's clear that you are an excellent guitar player and writer.
Your drummer Tom Hipskind sounds good too. It's good to hear Jimmy Cammack on a fusion record. I always liked playing with him when I toured with Ahmad Jamal...........

All the Best,

Steve (Smith)

Journey/ Vital Information

Hi Bob,

……Great playing, composing and producing. I really like the various combination of players and the songs feature everyone really nicely....Best of luck with the project. You went for the music and that's the most important thing from my perspective. Thanks for keeping the music alive!

- Mark Egan -Bassist w/Pat Methany




"Hey Robert, all I can say is "WOW"--You are not your everday guitarist."

Rich Bandoni - Nady Systems

Hi Robert, ................. Love your CD Positive Charge and the song Island Park is the BOMB...........

Live 365 Internet Radio



Hey Bob, hope all is well. I like your website and your snips of your CD. You have a great sound as well as a great concept.....Keep on doing what you do, it sounds great. .......... your music has what I always missed in fusion and thats a lot of soul.

Keith Henderson

The sound files are outstanding! A good friend and fellow guitarist, Dan Peterson, turned me on to your music.

Best regards,
Rick Owens



Just got Positive Charge—rocks!!!!!!! You play better Stern than he does!!!! Great Henderson sound also!!!!!! Great Band!!!! Fusion Lives!!!

- John Zbodula- NY

Your playing is fantastic. I am a forty year old music fan of jazz and the rock and the others…Always liked the Rush guitar player Lifeson…and then Zappa/SRV…and then the jazz guys from there.

Having heard Holdsworth for about 20 some years…I always wondered if he’d get some good sax players with him for a record…I don’t think he has that I can think of---maybe on some Wackerman solo.

And being a Zappa fan, I loved the Brecker brothers and their horns…Carl is awesome also.

In a nut shell…your CD Positive Charge is a dandy. And the bass players are special…so good.

- Doug Meyer -



I received the CD last week. It’s awesome. It reminds me a little of Tribal Tech in parts, just great blowing, great tunes and great players. Look forward to hearing more from you in the future.

- Mark Yates -
(from Greater Manchester, UK)

Hey Robert,
I've had your Cd for some time now and I want to tell you how great it is.There are some great tunes on there as well as some fantastic contributions from all the musicians.Your playing reminds me of a turbo charged Scott Henderson which is saying something!
The first track is reminiscent of Tribal Tech especially the guitar tone and the driving 16th notes from the bassist which brings to mind Gary Willis ( no bad thing!).All in all a great Cd which I like very much,thanks.

Best wishes to you,
Mark Yates (UK)



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