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Newly remodeled, Mechanics ‘N Music now features all high level Apogee hardware and Apogee Symphony cards hosted by a Power Mac 8 core computer driven by Logic Pro 9 and the latest version of Digital Performer and ProTools.  The front and back side of the system I/O’s are being driven by an Amek Big 44 console by Langley.  At the time this console was manufactured, Rupert Neve was an acting consultant for the company.  That’s 44 analog channels of beautiful sounding British mic pre’s and rich warm EQ’s along with 40 Analog VCA controlled dynamics. The console utilizes full automation to sinc with your project.  Many records were made on these consoles and we're proud to have it as part of our arsenal.  We also offer a variety of other Mic Pre's as well as Microphones such as Neumann, Sennheiser, Tru Systems, Heritage Audio, Shure, ElectroVoice and AKG. It does make a difference in the sound.  We are now able to master using TC, HHB and Sony products. 


Other Services:

Multiple Audio Platform Transfers-Vinyl/Cassette/ADAT/DAT & analog tape upon request to Digital.

Tracks Via E-mail- Send me your tracks via e-mail in MP3 format or upload to I-Disc or Dropbox for bigger files.  We can add any instrumentation and have access to incredible players to spice up your Project.  (Guitar, Bass, Keys, Sax etc.) 

If you are interested in documenting you’re music either as a demo or a full blown CD, artwork, or limited duplication, drop us a line for an appointment or pricing.