Robert would like to thank the following for their outstanding musical tools and generous support:

Bag End Loudspeakers-S12 M Cabinets, E Series 12 ” Speakers and Red Rock 12″ Speakers, Studio Application-Modified S12B Cabinets with Vintage L-Tech Lansing Drivers.

Robert is proud to endorse the fine line of amplifiers and other gear from Carvin (Special thanks to Bob Chini for all his help)

Cort makes fine instruments. They don’t skimp on materials. The guitar I use, the Hiram Bullock model, has a curly mapleneck, light swamp ash body,along with superior hardware. Of course, Duncan pickups, Wilkinson nut and whammy and Spurzel tuners. Slight modification was added which was an Alembic pre-amp for added punch

D’Addario-For Nylon Acoustic Guitar Pro Art Classical Guitar EJ 46 Hard Tension. Great for Jazz.

For Jazz Applications-Chrome ECG26 Medium Gage, Flat wound, warm, woody natural acoustic tone.

Rock Fusion and Jazz Application-EXL 110 Regular Light Gage. Warm rich harmonics ALA Violin.

Rock & Roll Application-EXL 120 Super Light Gage. Great tone for bends and tricks

Heritage 1073/500S/Mic Channel Strips-Produces a stunning, rich, creamy tone with detail and tons of headroom. The result is bigger than life sound. Reminiscent of old vintage transformer driven consoles. In my studio, my console and external mic pre’s are mostly electronically balanced. Though they sound great, I wanted to add transformer driven vintage pre’s for a different flavor. They have not let me down. I use the pre’s on Guitar/drums/bass/and vox. I use the line and EQ’s for drums, vox and mastering. For a discreet transformer driven channel strip, they are very affordable. I highly recommend these channel strips for any studio whether novice or pro.

I never leave home without it. I use the one with the little transformer. It’s samll enough to fit in my guitar case and bright enough to light up any size chart that is thrown in front of me. Lights never burn out.

Nady Studio Mics and effects pedals-Special thanks to Rich Bandoni & Mike Perez for all their help.

U87 Microphone-General purpose Microphone for Guitar, Horns, Vox, etc. I am very proud to have this sponsorship/endorsement with Neumann-Sennheiser. What can I say: Simply the best Microphone on the planet.

Peterson Classic Stomp Tuner-Extremely accurate. No Digitial bleed. Will not load down your sound. True By-Pass. Worth the Real Estate on your pedal board. It also doubles as a high quality DI. Best tuner I’ve ever owned.

I use an Intellifex processor, juice extractor and patch mate. Very important components in my rack.

I use hand wound Special 59’s Bridge and Neck SSL1 Standard Strat style pickup.Seth Lover Model-SH 55.
From the Archives, out of production but not forgotten. The Duncan convertible 100 amplifier, one of the most overlooked sleepers, great tones obtained either live or in the studio. Vintage Duncan Convertible 100-sounds great almost stock out of the box. I also use a KTG1 Pre-Amp & KTG 2100 Stereo tube power amp. If you find one of these pieces, buy it. You won’t be sorry

I use their pedal switcher to keep the signal path short and pure on my pedal board. Very Transparent.